What type of Job opportunity are you seeking and why you should let us represent you.

It is imperative to establish a relationship based on trust and confidentiality, we understand a candidate’s needs as we listen intently and we were once candidates ourselves. The Engineering & Construction industry is an integrated mechanism that requires the best individuals across the globe, we are incorporated into the PSL of a variety of different organisations worldwide.

We provide the tools and expertise to assist with mobilising single status applicants and those seeking marital status positions and/or those with dependants. Family is a key issue that we are incredibly sensitive with, as we know that family matters. The aftercare of a candidate placement is also imperative to the process as we want to guarantee that you are comfortable in your new role and achieve a successful work / life balance.

Why should you use us?


We understand that certain areas of the sector are incredibly incestuous and the importance of remaining anonymous and protected is vital to your personal & professional security.

Salary & Package

We are excellent negotiators of salary & package; we understand any potential relocation may have a cost effect which is why we greatly understand the type of remuneration and benefits you will need for a successful relocation.

Location, Location, Location

Due to an extensive network we have projects in a number of beautiful and remote locations as well as the more luxurious metropolitan cities. It is our job to match the best location with your needs and experience. A family will require relevant accommodation, education, mobilisation costs, family healthcare, medical insurance and transportation. Those prepared to work in isolated locations may require a different set of criteria such as; potential to earn a NET based Salary (Tax paid for by the Client as a reward for working away from home for long periods), an excellent rotation policy so that you get the private time that you deserve, extensive security and health & safety protocols, the best healthcare insurance, medical care, desirable accommodation and return air flight tickets back home.


Everyone wants to be successful; we assist in providing long term opportunities with clients that have an excellent pipeline of business that will guarantee your security and personal development.

Referral Incentive

We offer an incredible referral scheme that rewards individuals who recommend high calibre candidates that we are not aware of. The reward depends on the skills and experience of the referral, offering the incentive has had an astounding effect.

Are you looking for a new position? OR Refer a Friend?

Candidate Services

CV Template

Let us assist you in creating one of the most important aspects of the recruitment cycle and job application process, the “Curriculum Vitae”. We can provide a format that is easy to read and in line with our client’s expectations. Available on Request 

CV Enhancement

We also offer advice on how to enhance your existing CV to ensure you get the best chance at achieving an interview with our clients.

Interview preparation

Preparing for an interview is vital and can be overlooked “Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail”. We will provide guidance steps that offer useful Hints & Tips to prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview. We KNOW what Employers look for when interviewing candidates and have therefore created this step by step program to help give you the best possible chance of securing the job. Available on Request

Career guidance

Our consultants have been working in their professional sectors for many years and have seen how industry specialists progress through the ranks with different organisational structures. If you are not sure on which direction to take, we can offer advice on how to build on your career to achieve where you want to be.

Continuous support

We are here for every step of the way, not only to assist with the above but for ongoing support & guidance throughout your career.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of Plan Recruit’s CSR scheme, we endeavour to operate as environmentally friendly as possible, our office is completely powered by renewable energy and we recycle 100% of paper, card & plastic.

Employee wellbeing and safety is also paramount to our team’s success, we operate a structured work-from-home policy when required to ensure an effective work & life balance for all our employees and to help reduce our collective carbon emissions. 

We encourage the development of our staff and have an ongoing commitment to make them the best in their perspective fields, we want to empower you!

Plan Recruit is an international consultancy that support communities worldwide and locally which include the following charities:

  • Manchester homeless Charity – Tackle4MCR
  • Plan International
  • National Humane Society

Work for us?

If you are interested in becoming a recruitment consultant expert and would like to receive ongoing support and training throughout your career then send your CV to the team@planrecruit.com.