What candidate are you sourcing and why you should use Plan Recruit

We provide a variety of resourcing services to deliver our clients with the best candidates defined to the exact Job specification which include: Contingency & Retained recruitment; Search & Selection; Recruitment Account Management; Advertising Campaign; Talent Mapping; Referencing & Qualification checks; Business Development; Headhunting or Executive Search & Selection Assignments; Candidate Profiling; Social Media; Database shortlisting; Training & Development.

We are innovative in our approach to sourcing the right individual, the working environment is continually changing and the importance of keeping abreast with the latest technology and methods is pivotal in finding the right fit. We are continually developing our existing skills to remain competitive with the market leaders.

Client Services:

Contingency Recruitment

We are ready when you need us. When you have an urgent position, whether it be permanent or a shorter contract, we take the time to understand your requirement and only submit talent who fit the brief to improve turnaround time ensuring a positive result. Our industry specialist consultants use many methods to generate candidates suited for your vacancy, including our current networks but also headhunting and search & selection techniques to ensure the position is filled within your given time scales.

Retained Assignments

Ideal for executive search assignments or even those particularly technical roles. Take the inconvenience out of recruitment and streamline the process with one point of contact to ensure the position is filled with the perfect candidate. You receive a full market overview along with the top tier of suited professionals, not just the first who match the criteria. We use advanced profiling techniques presenting you with the highest level of talent and utilise an abundance of resources to ensure you are more than satisfied with your shortlist.

Search & Selection

Hard to find assignments may require a specialist search and selection campaign. We will actively approach employees from your competitors using techniques designed to keep the process strictly confidential until we have commitment from the candidate, providing you the opportunity to attract and interview the talent to join your business.

Recruitment Account Management

One point of contact for all your recruitment needs.  You may not want to be contacted by a different recruiter frequently asking the same questions and bombarding you with CVs. Allow us to manage your recruitment division and benefit from using one of our industry specialists who knows your company and strategy better than anyone else to lead our internal resources. We act as an extension of your existing HR team taking responsibility for your internal appointments.

Advertising Campaign

Allow us to devise an advertising campaign that will attract the most relevant people to your company. We know effective methods that can maximise results by applying an abundance of different channels which can include social networking programmes and job boards, including those native to the position posting - ensuring the maximum market coverage for the most suited candidates. 

Talent Mapping

Preparing you for the future, taking a strategic approach to your next hire. We consistently review the market, conducting research projects by understanding global employment trends. Should you have the benefit of time on your side, we can map out the best talent for you next hire. Other research projects can include salary & package banding reviews based on attributes of your choice to keep you ahead of your competition.

Reference & Qualification Checks

We conduct detailed verbal reference checks on candidates under your consideration ensuring they are not only credible, but also to confirm they are a good fit for your company culture. We speak one-on-one with a minimum of 2 previous managers and delve into the applicants’ background. Posed questions can be tailored for your business and HR principles, obtaining the specific information you require.

Business Development

We consistently act as ambassadors of your brand and adhere to represent your business with the upmost of professionalism, keeping your company values at the forefront when relating with any prospective candidate. Candidate attraction is key to provide you with the best talent, so it is imperative we understand your business intimately enabling us to engage talent appropriately.

Why you should use Plan Recruit:


Is the main differentiator that separates us from our competitors, it is the talent that cannot be taught that comes second nature. Our meticulous attention to detail helps us successfully complete the toughest of assignments.

Exclusive Candidates

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best and we go to great depths to source Exclusive candidates NOT currently registered with our competition. These individuals are particularly rare however they can be found due to our dedication and market knowledge. This makes the process more direct and is an assertive way of finding the best acquisition for your business.

Candidate outreach

We have an ever-expanding network enriched from our database, established website and social media. Having a UK based time zone enables Plan Recruit to access people across the globe with limited disturbance to our candidates and clients working schedule which integrates a swift response time to streamline the process. 


Networking is at the core of our candidate generation, accessing talent (NOT registered on LinkedIn, Job Boards or with other Agencies) through industry experts, candidates and clients.


Is a useful tool to pre-screen candidates before qualification, it gives us a brief insight as to the validity of the candidate for the role. Although we do not solely rely on this method, we are able to pinpoint a group of candidates to build a successful shortlist. We have the highest subscription available as we know social media is a vital cog in the digital world, we also use Facebook and Twitter.


We have an extensive network accrued over Plan Recruit’s lifespan that is rapidly expanding and we are continually updating with qualified candidates. We are continuously investing in the best software to ensure effective management and data security.


For corporations that really do require a strategic placement from a competitor; we can provide a Headhunting service that pinpoints the exact candidate required to progress your business. If you have someone specific in mind, then we take the emphasis away from your organisation and recruit directly as well confidentially on your behalf.

The human touch

We do not use computer automated algorithms or external resourcing companies to find applicants, our consultants are trained to search and assess the right people for your business.