Acquiring the earth’s natural resources to provide the materials required to support other major industries including: Construction, Motor, Power, Jewellery & FMCG.

Mining has existed as long as civilisations have; humans naturally made use of resources in the earth’s crust; stone for houses and metals for tools. It is now a huge supporter of our modern economy in many regions of the world including the developed and underdeveloped.

The industry advanced considerably in the 1800’s continuing through to the present day on a global scale, preliminary in the western world then prevalently now in developing countries.

Mining techniques vary depending on the type of deposit to be extracted, which is assessed under scrutiny to ensure the most cost effective and safest methods are utilised.

Safety is a key aspect and as technology develops, and mining techniques enhance, it is still very much a dangerous industry to work in.

In the modern world the environmental aspects are a huge concern. As populations and consumerism increase, there is a higher demand for these commodities to sustain everyday life, not just as a luxury. Corporate Social Responsibility is paramount as companies are aware of the implications to communities, the environment and the consequences if due diligence is not followed.

The industry still secures high investment capital even after the dip in commodity prices that followed the boom, all within the last decade. From the major producers through to the junior exploration companies, all are able to compete legitimately for business and industry growth.